I will be running to the summit of Mt. Royal 365 times this year, hoping to raise food donations for the Family and Intercultural Resource Center in Dillon, Colorado. I also would like to inspire others to join me on the trail and to help those less fortunate throughout the year.

On top of my year long mission I will be running and representing the Leadville Running Company as a member of their 2013 Ultra Running Team.

Summit Daily News Article regarding the project.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updates and many thanks!

As the new year as started, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has contribued to the food bank. I have fallnd behind on updates and Mt. Royal summits as I was really focusing on running a solid race at Bandera. But, things dont always go as planned and I can't wait to start training again and loving my mountain runs.

Some food bank things:

With the help of many friends, runners, and hikers all over the country, I have dropped off close to 1,000 pounds of food at FIRC. When I went a few days after Christmas, the food bank was totally full, which is an amazing accomplishment that we should all be proud of.

Running things:

My year started off rough with a DNF at mile 42 of Bandera 100k. It felt like a step back mentally, but I know I will be stronger in the long run. It also opened my eyes to some medical issues that need to be addressed going into an up and coming race season.


I am very proud to be a part of Leadville Running Company's 2013 Ultra Racing Team, as well as receiving support from Simple Hydration and MontBell clothing.

Here are some cool videos of stuff I have been up too...

courtesy of Sage Canaday...

Running 14ers

Running Green Mountain

Running in the mountains is essential to life...

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