I will be running to the summit of Mt. Royal 365 times this year, hoping to raise food donations for the Family and Intercultural Resource Center in Dillon, Colorado. I also would like to inspire others to join me on the trail and to help those less fortunate throughout the year.

On top of my year long mission I will be running and representing the Leadville Running Company as a member of their 2013 Ultra Running Team.

Summit Daily News Article regarding the project.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grand Cayon R2R2R

Once again I embarked on an adventure with Jon Harrison, and once again I will have to leave the reporting of the day up to him. Although he took a slightly different approach by camping one night and knocking the beast out in 2 days, his pictures and words ultimately capture the entire experience.

HUGE shoutout to JAMIE SOLBERG for finishing her first ultra! An epic one at that! 

I will say that I feel great post big week of training and tagging peaks, and am stoked to race the Fruita 50 in 2 weeks.

More food came in this week, and thank you again for everyone's support. Only 200 or so Summits left....

Jon Harrison's report on the day.

Friday, March 8, 2013


I am very honored to be invited to the Feetures! Ambassador Program. As a proud ambassador, I received my first box of socks this past week. I have been waiting to write a review and talk socks after I got to try a few styles I never used before.

I live in the high country of Colorado. My house is at 9000 feet above sea level, and live just off the I-70 corridor sandwiched between some pretty impressive mountain ranges. That being said, our winters are pretty gnarley. Ill define gnarley as cold, wet, windy, and treacherous. I try to stay running all winter, and this year I have taken on a new challenge, running to the top of Mt. Royal 365 times in a year. I basically have to stay running in the mountains even through those gnarley conditions. Feet and legs being essential to running, its important to keep them comfortable, warm, and strong.

Id like to talk about two specific items from Feetures! that I adore. Yes, I will use the word adore as socks are extremely vital to my trade.

First, the Ultra Light Elite Merino +. I like the quarter length personally. Hands down the best every day sock for any type of running. I sloshed through snow in them at various paces, up, down, and around mountains and my feet were comfortable and warm. The wool keeps your foot warm even when wet, and microfibers due a great job wicking moisture - this was critical as I have moved training indoors around a track a few days a week to work on speed work. The minimal construction stays with my less is more mentality, and the Power Arch system provides support. Wet feet were warm feet, and I was blister free. Inside they breathe and keep my foot dry. My longest effort in the socks was a 4 hour day with 4500 feet of vertical.

My next review....COMPRESSION! I first wore compression socks when I ran a 50+ mile race and was trying to run a marathon the next day. Fell in love, and compression socks were with me into my first 100 mile finish. We spent 21 hours together that lovely March day of last year. This year I hope to break out in the ultra world and start improving to top 10 finishes. After a DNF at Bandera 100k (I blame it on not wearing Feetures! compression, just kidding), I am back to the compression socks.  Same as the Elite Merino, microfibers and Power Arch do the side work while the graduated compression fights fatigue and promotes faster recovery. This is essential for me running up a mountain every day and standing on my feet at work for 8 hours a day. Feetures! Elite compression socks are with me almost every day, and I feel my legs are fresher, stronger, and I am performing better. Definitely will be rocking them tomorrow (Salida Trail Marathon) and all my races leading up to a 24 hour attempt and the Leadville Trail 100.

I am not an expert on anything, but I know a little bit about running. I have tried lots of socks and I like Feetures! They last, perform, and with those new colors, look super cool.

The website for those awesome Feetures!

It's winter and I really cant get pics of me showing off my sweet socks, but they're under there, and on top of Mt. Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado. 14,440 feet above sea level.

Monday, January 28, 2013

1,000 + pounds of food...

So far I have collected over 1,000 pounds of food for donation that I have come directly to me, not counting what people on the trail have said they donated on location at FIRC. On average, an American eats around 5 pounds of food per day. A family of 4 say, 20  pounds of food that day. That means, with everyone's kind donations, we have fed around 50 families.

When I went to the food bank a few weeks ago, it was prosperous. I am not saying I am the reason for this change, but I am super happy and grateful for everyone who has helped and supported the project so far. To see the food bank so full was certainly inspiring.

Keep supporting the food bank as much as you can, and I will keep running up Mt. Royal. Don't be afraid to email me or call me to set up a time to get together to go for a run/hike.

Thanks again friends.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why do I run?

People often ask, Why? Why do you put yourself through the pain and suffering of training and racing? Why do you run when its -20 outside, or 100 outside? Why do you love to run up 4500 feet of vertical?

Family, friends, support, love for natural places, love for exploration...

Me and Steph after Stone Mill 50+

Welcome Winter 50k

Welcome Winter 50k

14er Loop with Jon and Sage and LUNA!

Start of the Zion Traverse

End of the Zion Traverse

On our way up Mt. Elbert (14,440)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Simple Hydration Bottle review

I spoke with Brian of Simple Hydration Thursday of last week and chatted about his new bottle. After talking running and mountains we both decided that the Simple Bottle would probably be a good fit for my style of running. Brian sent me a few bottles to try, and I became instantly hooked.

 I like to be light and fast, so carrying a 3 liter bladder is just plain annoying. My fuel is usually in the form of energy gels that can fit in my shorts or jacket pockets. Drinking from streams in the mountains of Colorado is just simply easier and more rewarding, so a bottle that is easily filled with a wide opening makes sense. Out here in Colorado if you're running up 14ers and spending long days in the mountains, having your hands free to scramble rock is essential, and so is just general balance on the trails and ridges.

The Simple Bottle is a 13oz bottle with a sport cap that fits easily into shorts or running pants. When I tested the bottle I stuck it in the front of my tights on the climbs and simply moved it to the back running down. Both positions were incredibly comfortable - I hardly even noticed it. One thing I noticed that because it is kept so close to your body - the bottle did not freeze at all. The water stayed as a liquid and the cap wasn't iced over. That is a HUGE benefit for anyone running in a cold climate. I have stopped drinking water numerous times on long runs because I could not get the water out of the bottle or bladder.

The bottle is simple and functional. I love it. I will continue to use it and I highly suggest it to anyone who is tired of holding their bottles or wearing a pack. It is great for ultra distancetrail runners, road runners, marathoners, or 5k runners.

Morning Mt. Royal ascent with my Simple Hydration bottle.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updates and many thanks!

As the new year as started, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has contribued to the food bank. I have fallnd behind on updates and Mt. Royal summits as I was really focusing on running a solid race at Bandera. But, things dont always go as planned and I can't wait to start training again and loving my mountain runs.

Some food bank things:

With the help of many friends, runners, and hikers all over the country, I have dropped off close to 1,000 pounds of food at FIRC. When I went a few days after Christmas, the food bank was totally full, which is an amazing accomplishment that we should all be proud of.

Running things:

My year started off rough with a DNF at mile 42 of Bandera 100k. It felt like a step back mentally, but I know I will be stronger in the long run. It also opened my eyes to some medical issues that need to be addressed going into an up and coming race season.


I am very proud to be a part of Leadville Running Company's 2013 Ultra Racing Team, as well as receiving support from Simple Hydration and MontBell clothing.

Here are some cool videos of stuff I have been up too...

courtesy of Sage Canaday...

Running 14ers

Running Green Mountain

Running in the mountains is essential to life...