I will be running to the summit of Mt. Royal 365 times this year, hoping to raise food donations for the Family and Intercultural Resource Center in Dillon, Colorado. I also would like to inspire others to join me on the trail and to help those less fortunate throughout the year.

On top of my year long mission I will be running and representing the Leadville Running Company as a member of their 2013 Ultra Running Team.

Summit Daily News Article regarding the project.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Lots of support and love

More, More, More, love from supporters. Its fantastic. Big thanks to Kyle Lefler, great gal and fellow UMW alumni for her support.

Tuesday: Up and down, nothing crazy. 21st summit. Lots of good convo on the trail.

Wed: Fun 1:40. Peaks Trail to Miners Creek Rd to a Mt. Royal ascent. Side trails down and back to the house.

Thursday: Great news from Kyle Lefler, more support comg my way! Running : Really quick up and down as well. Legs have been tired and mentally totally drained. 23 summits.

Friday: Mom was in town and she tagged her 1st Mt. Royal summit and aided in my 24th. Crazy cold, snowy, rainy, conditions that yielded a ton of fun.

Stay tuned for some sweet pics.

Thanks again friends.

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