I will be running to the summit of Mt. Royal 365 times this year, hoping to raise food donations for the Family and Intercultural Resource Center in Dillon, Colorado. I also would like to inspire others to join me on the trail and to help those less fortunate throughout the year.

On top of my year long mission I will be running and representing the Leadville Running Company as a member of their 2013 Ultra Running Team.

Summit Daily News Article regarding the project.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review of the Ultraspire Spry

I'm happy because I am confident in my gear, and playing in the mountains.
People have noticed me on the trail wearing The Ultraspire Spry. People often ask where I got the pack from, and why I am using it the way I am. I figured I would write a review on my new favorite pack to educate some fellow trail goers about the product...

Where to begin? Let me start with my personal background and needs.

I reached out to the good folks at Ultraspire for some support for my charitable project, 365 Mt. Royal Summits for the Hungry. I needed a functional, dependable pack that I could use all year. I expressed my interest in the Spry, and they sent me a pack to use on my daily runs. AMAZING. So, a huge Thank You to everyone at Ultraspire.

I enjoy running in the mountains year round. This means I need a variety of different items, depending on weather,terrain, and distance I will be running. I am not a big fan of dealing with bladder systems all the time (sometimes they're necessary) and I like to keep my hands as free as possible for rock scrambling and accessing energy foods. I also need simplicity and comfort that will work for a  shorter, faster run, as well as for a longer mountain traverse.

The Spry satisfies all those needs. The Spry is super lightweight and has a basic strap system across the sternum. I can throw a bottle or two in the front pouches (I usually use one 20 oz bottle), along with gels, a camera, gloves, hat, and trash (from my gels and anything found on the trails). If you handhold your bottles, there is even more extra room in the front two pouches. A bladder can be placed in the back pouch when needed, however when I have a bottle in front, an extra layer or two in a plastic bag works really well. Sometimes I stash extra foods back there for the group I am running with. Right now, as winter approaches, I am working on rigging an ice axe to the back. Overall, knowing I can store all my needed items while still be light and comfortable, goes a long way.

The Magnon Electrolyte pocket easily stores your electrolyte pills, or even a key or two. Its a magnetic pocket, which allows for easy, simply access. I like the long zipper pulls on the pack so when your hands get cold or if you have gloves on, they can be easily pulled. The extra straps and pockets up high on the shoulder straps allow me to throw extra gels, and like in the picture above,  strap an extra hat that I may need once I reach a peak or pass. You can also put your bladder's tube through the straps if you desire. The adjustable straps on the side of the Spry are super easy to use, and adjusting according to the terrain you are running is easy to do on the fly.

Overall, it is a reliable product, perfect for short or long adventures in the mountains.

Check it out and pick one up.

Thank you for reading and all the continued support.

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