I will be running to the summit of Mt. Royal 365 times this year, hoping to raise food donations for the Family and Intercultural Resource Center in Dillon, Colorado. I also would like to inspire others to join me on the trail and to help those less fortunate throughout the year.

On top of my year long mission I will be running and representing the Leadville Running Company as a member of their 2013 Ultra Running Team.

Summit Daily News Article regarding the project.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Some really good times

Running is so much fun
Saturday: Met some great friends in Leadville, where we drove to Cottonwood Pass...Ran 23 miles through the snow up and over a mountain pass to Winfield (halfway point of the Leadville 100)..ended the day drinking beer and eating chili...You can read it about it here as Jon Harrison basically wrote the greatest synopsis on a day running ever.

Sunday: Hung out with my mom and pretty much just kept it low key. Body/mind had a rough week so it was good to lounge around with a few walks mixed in.

Monday: Up to Peak 1, tagged Royal on the way up and down. Really techy ridge as I avoided the normal route due to snow. I didnt trust what was under the snow, so I rock hopped the ridge to the summit in 1:39. Slowly made my way down (wishing I had an ice axe for parts) and tagged Royal again. Took some side trails down and made it back to the house in 3:02. Really fun way to continue the snow capped peak mountain running from this weekend.

Seeing a lot of people on the trail up to Royal running. AWESOME. Thanks for the continued support.

The start, 8:15 am, Cottonwood Pass
Im happy in the mountains with good friends

Made it up to the pass!

Beautiful Lake Anna and Mt. Huron

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